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Official MAH Press Release

Press Release - MAH Applauds Tourism Minister for Visa-On-Arrival Proposal

Untitled Press Release - MAH Applauds Tourism Minister for Visa-On-Arrival Proposal

Kuala Lumpur – Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) fully support the recent proactive proposal made by our Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister YB Dato’ Seri Tiong King Sing to provide visa-on-arrival for all countries in an effort to bolster Malaysia’s competitiveness in the global tourism industry.

The Minister made this proposal after returning from the 2023 Asean Tourism Forum held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia where he urged the Home Ministry to immediately look into expanding the visa-on-arrival mechanism to all countries especially China and India.

It is crucial for us to draw more visitors into the country with easier access and welcoming procedures especially now at the time when tourism industry worldwide seems to be experiencing a universal reset that resulted in a more level playing field for all destinations, says Datin Christina Toh, President of MAH.

“Right now, Malaysia is known to have a strict visa policy.” Datin Christina further comments. “Our requirements created many inconveniences that deters many potential travelers and whilst we understand the importance of upholding our immigration policies, we also need to adapt them to favorable market trends so as to not lose out on great opportunities.”

Additionally, with the recent access to the China market, the industry is expecting a large influx in tourism and Malaysia stands to lose a lot of potential arrivals due to the hassle we imposed on visiting tourists. MAH hopes that by giving visitors this option, it will encourage more arrivals into the country by eliminating the cost and difficulties that comes with Visa applications.

MAH acknowledges that the implementation of this proposal may require some adjustment and considerations from many parties especially in terms of security. We, nevertheless, agree with the Tourism Minister that security should not be used as a pretext to hinder tourist arrivals and join in on his confidence that the authorities are more than capable of maintaining order despite the increased traffic.

To summarize, MAH would like to reiterate our complete endorsement to the Minister’s proposal and are willing to collaborate and work together towards its realization.

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About the Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH)

Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) is the umbrella body for hotels in Malaysia formed in 1974 and initially established by a group of concerned and dedicated hoteliers to bring about a more dynamic hospitality industry aimed at building a workforce of highly skilled, innovative and disciplined individuals. Its long-term goal was to enhance the efficiency of the hospitality industry, thus, bringing about a more dynamic Malaysian hospitality industry. MAH, as the official national network for the hotel industry, represents more than 900 hotels throughout Malaysia supplying a total of 155,287 rooms which is about 65% of the total number of hotel rooms available as guest accommodation in this country. With 13 chapters across the nation, MAH acts as a voice of the industry, working as one body to promote, protect, represent and advance the interests of its members.


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